Iíve decided to narrow my focus a bit and throw my efforts towards the Music Rising project headed up by U2 and Green Day. The purpose of the project is to replace instruments lost in Hurricanes Katrina and Rita for both professional musicians and schools. I came to this decision after watching the pre-game mini-concert that Green Day and U2 put on. So from now on, the portion of the proceeds that Iíve been giving to overall hurricane relief will go to helping re-establish the music culture in this affected area. As of February 1st, Iíve contributed over $400 to the project and itís all thanks to people like you. Remember, if you want your purchase to count your have to click on one of the links below before you place your order online.

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Your Home Studio - a basic tutorial on home recording studio setup, including building a home recording studio, digital recording techniques, computer recording information, recording software information, how to buy equipment for a home recording studio and operating an audio recording studio at home

Music Rising


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