Mixing—Part 5

       Last month we finished mixing the tracks and the only thing left is to make sure the track is equalized properly and that the dynamic range is in check. Before we do this, however, let’s recap what we’ve done so far.

       1) Mixing part one— Considerations before mixing


       2) Mixing part two— Bass, Kick Drum and Lead Vocal

       3) Mixing part three— Guitars and Drum Overheads

       4) Mixing part four– Lead guitar, background vocals and everything else


       Mixing Part 5—Final EQ, compression, etc.


       The key at this point is to compare the finished track to something else that has a good EQ balance and is compressed (but not too much) to even out the dynamic range. Then we’re going to add a couple of things to sweeten the track and take the edge off.

       This the track before anything— click here


       Then after using a mastering EQ with a spectrum analyzer*— click here


       Then using a multi-band compressor* we correct the dynamic range— click here


       Then we run it through Sonar’s Tape simulator which warms up the track as though it was

       recorded on analog tape– click here


       The last step was to use the normalization function that makes the track as loud as it can be

       Click here for before normalization

       Click here for after normalization


       Next month, we’re going to get into another project


*A spectrum analyzer allows you to get a visual representation of the EQ levels


*A multi-band compressor separates the track into several frequency bands that can be compressed seperately. This enables you to tame just the EQ range that is the problem– not the whole track.

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