Groove Quantizing


       Last month we looked at regular, plain jane quantizing and how to use it. This month, we’re going to look at groove quantizing which aligns notes in a track with a particular groove. Let’s say for instance, that you’ve recorded a percussion track that is very stiff. You can loosen it up by using another track as the groove, in this case a bass line that has the feel you want. You can also take a solo performance and line up the notes closest to the quarter, eight, sixteenth etc, notes so that it grooves.


       To use the Groove Quantize feature you have to first specify a groove file. It can be a DNA groove which is cross platform to other sequencers or you can use a Cakewalk Groove file. Then you must select the resolution in either note size or clock ticks. This determines which notes in the track to be grooved with the groove file. If you select quarter note resolution, it will only process the notes that are closest to the quarter notes.


       Then select the window sensitivity. This is a percentage that tells the groove quantizer how close or far away a note can be before it is quantized. A setting of 100% will quantize a note up to the resolution set whereas a 10% setting will only quantize notes within 10% of the resolution. You can then specify what happens to notes outside that window.


       The next selection determines whether all data is quantized or only notes, lyrics and audio. Checking the “Only Notes, Lyrics and Audio box will prevent the quantizer from changing midi controller, aftertouch and xRPN data from being adjusted. The Stretch Audio box will stretch audio clips to line them up with the new “grooved” clip.


       Here are some examples of the presets included with Sonar.


            1) Unaffected straight 4/4 beat—The notes are exactly on the beat


            2) Hard Shuffle— You can feel the swing


            3) Pushing Feel—Listen to the hi-hat


            4) Laid Back Feel—It’s groovy, man


            5) Late Snare—A bit different

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