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       Anthony Wee, a newsletter member, had a question for me regarding his proposed studio setup. While this would be a great question to feature in the member’s question section of the newsletter, I thought it was general enough to be useful to everyone and illustrates what you can accomplish if you do your home work. Anthony sent me the following email


Hey Thomas how's it going? I need your professional help again. You see my friends and I are planning to build a studio, although Im not sure with the equipment I chose. Basically we're trying to keep our budget not over $4000. So here's what I chose based on my reviews and research. Except for the stuff like the mixer, preamp and monitors. Only because its the only way to keep within budget. Basically I gave more importance to the microphones.

       Drum Microphones
SM-57 (3 units)
AKG D112
            Floor Tom
Audio Technica ATM 25
            Hi Hat
Behringer ECM8000
            Overhead  Studio Projects C4
Shure KSM27
       DAW Control Behringer—BCR2000
       Mixer Xenyx 2442FX $329
       Monitors Behringer Truth $300
       Preamp Behringer Ultra Voice $120

       So basically thats it. Im not sure about the mixer. Does it have to be a digital one? I think the xenyx is an analog one. Is the connectivity between the drum mics and the pc correct? Drum Mics-----> Mixer------> Soundcard..... Did I get everything right? Can you suggest better equipment and other essential things I missed out. Hope you can help me out again. Thanx man.


       My response to him was that basically he had really done his homework on the microphone selection and that as far as the mixer was concerned, he just needed to make sure that each of the channels had direct outs so that he could use an 8 channel recording snake to hook up to the M-Audio 1010LT(the most bang for the buck audio interface) About the only thing I would change would be to add another SM57 to mic the Hi-hats.  The KSM27 is my personal choice for an relatively inexpensive large diaphragm condenser. To save a little bit of money, he could do without the DAW control surface and get a ART pre-amp, but overall he hit the nail right on the head. I would be interested to see what everyone else thinks about the setup. Send me an email to thomas@yourhomestudio.com.

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